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On January 22, the Church celebrated the memory of St. Vincent Pallotti, founder of the Catholic Apostolate and of the Congregation of the Pallottine Sisters.

In commemoration of this very important date, the Pallottine Sisters promoted, for the first time, an online triduum.

The first day of live took place on the 19th with the mediation of Sister Ellen, the participation of Sister Sirlene, the Pallottine Novice Sisters of São Paulo and the laity of the UAC of Rio de Janeiro. 

Before the image of the founder, Sr. Sirlene began by asking for Palloti’s intercession for some girls, recalling that St. Vincent Pallotti was the one who helped to protect and care for the girls.

Then Go. Ellen recalled the intercession for the entire Pallottine family, the vocations of the congregations and all the laity of the AUC.

And before starting the prayer, the novice sisters asked for everyone’s intercession for the 3rd vocational year, which will take place in Brazil in 2023.

And all together, they pray the novena to St. Vincent Pallotti, remembering, especially on this day, the Sanctity of the founder. 

On the 20th, all together again, with the participation of the online public, they started celebrating the 60th anniversary of the canonization of São Vicente Palloti, celebrated on this same day. Pallotti was canonized by Saint John XXII, in the midst of the Second Vatican Council.

On the third day, the triduum had the special participation of Father Daniel, who is a member of the General Council of the Catholic Apostolate Society and currently lives in Italy. After the novena prayers and intentions, Father Daniel briefly presented aspects of the apostolate left by St. Vincent Pallotti to the Pallottine men and women. 

Finally, on the day of the founder’s memory, the mission in thanksgiving for the life of St. Vincent Pallotti was transmitted. 

You can watch every day of the triduum and the recording of the Holy Mass by accessing the links below: 


Live from the 1st Day of the Triduum

Live from the 2nd Day of the Triduum

Live from the 3rd Day of the Triduum


Stream of the Holy Mass in memory of Saint Vincent Pallotti


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